Can't Decide Which Kind Of Pizza To Order? Inspire Yourself With These Ideas

Are you trying to decide what to order on your pizza? Maybe you should look at some wild combinations to inspire you. Here is a look at some crazy and surprising pizza concepts from around the world:

Luxurious Toppings

If you're in the mood for it, pizza can certainly be luxurious. In fact, one restaurant in London reportedly sold a pizza topped with white truffle paste, pancetta, baby mozzarella, cep mushrooms and other delicacies. However, its rare and luxurious ingredients also won this pizza a World Record for the most expensive pizza. If you just want a luxurious touch without the record-breaking cost, consider having a bit of lobster or a drizzle of truffle oil added to your usual pizza.

Wild Animals

If you prefer something a little more wild than luxurious, there are a host of pizzas with wild animal toppings. Depending on where you are in the world, you can order pizzas topped with rattlesnakes, elk, kangaroo, impala or many other wild creatures. It's the perfect way to combine your primal side and your pizza-loving side.

Holiday-Inspired Concepts

After a safari, everyone loves to return home, and nothing says home like the holidays. With the right toppings your pizza can contain everything from a traditional English Christmas dinner. Imagine a wheat crust covered in gravy with turkey or goose, roast vegetables, a crispy layer of mashed potatoes and a covering of cheese. Or, celebrate Aussie style with some prawns and lobsters on a simple white sauce. If you happen to visit Finland, you can really get a Christmas pizza when you order one with some smoked reindeer on it.

Exotic Plates

Once you have finished playing with holiday inspired ideas, consider a pizza inspired by your favourite exotic meal. Whether you like Thai curries, American cheese burgers, Italian spag bol or a dish from anywhere else, there is a good chance that someone somewhere has re-imagined it into pizza toppings.

Artistic Designs

Rather than worrying about flavour, some pizza makers have focused on artistic designs. With the multicoloured array of toppings you can put on a pizza, it is easy to make a picture of almost anything. Green peppers can be shaped into aliens heads, or different colours of cheese with just a single pepperoni can be crafted into a sunset. People have also made abstract designs, flower shaped crusts and other crazy ideas.

Now, that you've reviewed some of the wild ideas out there, you are probably starving. Now, it's time to go out an get pizza from a restaurant like Caffe Belgiorno.