Best Ways To Celebrate Diwali This Year

Diwali, also known as Deepavali, is the traditional Indian festival of lights. Diwali is celebrated for 5 days starting on the 15th day of the Hindu month Kartika (which falls in October or November). Diwali is celebrated as the beginning of a new year for Hindus, and the celebrations are often marked by fireworks. In celebration of Diwali, people will also wear new clothes, clean their homes, and pray for happiness. Diwali is a great time to come together with friends and family to celebrate the Hindu new year. Here are some ideas for celebration this Diwali.

Host Your Own Party

Hosting your own Diwali celebration can be a lot of fun. Decorate your home with fairy lights, candles or coloured lamps to set the mood for the festival of lights. Fresh flowers will also add a fragrant touch to your decorations. Plan a mouthwatering menu of Indian food like pakoras, masala, curries, and don't forget sweet Indian desserts like burfi or laddoo! Create a festive atmosphere with light instrumental sitar music during your Diwali party. You may also like to arrange games (tambola is a popular game) or gifts for your guests.

Head To The Best Indian Restaurant In Your Area

The best Indian restaurant in your area will most likely hold their own Diwali festivities, so this makes a great alternative if hosting your own Diwali party isn't possible this year. Indian restaurants will take care of the decorations and menu so you can simply relax and celebrate the festival with your loved ones. By celebrating Diwali at a restaurant, you can also sample ethnic Indian food, which is a delight you might not find in your own cooking. Indian restaurants may also be a good place for you to celebrate Diwali if you are not Hindu; Indian restaurants will immerse you in the Indian culture and provide a rich cultural experience for this important Hindu celebration.

Local Diwali Celebrations

Some major cities in Australia are celebrating Diwali and will hold firework displays in public locations for all to admire. There may also be food, dancing, music and other entertainment, depending on your location. Ask around your community to find out if there will be a local Diwali celebration. Public celebrations can provide more entertainment than smaller venues; for example, fireworks may not be possible if you hold your own Diwali party.

Diwali is an important Hindu festival celebrating the triumph of good over evil. Celebrate with your loved ones and have a happy Diwali!