Instant Restaurants | 3 Tips To Create A Unique Japanese Restaurant Party At Home

If you're the type of person who enjoys everything related to cooking and Japanese in particular, then you may want to consider hosting a restaurant-themed party at your home for your next get together. Replicate the look of the best restaurant in your town, like Quarry Salamanca, or create your own ideas in the comfort of your home without additional noise. The idea of an intimate home Japanese restaurant is a unique and exciting way to celebrate your newfound Japanese culinary skills with your closest friends. Here are a few tips to recreate a unique Japanese restaurant party in your home.

Create a Restaurant Environment

When you decide to host a Japanese restaurant party, you must make it as authentic as possible. Start by giving your restaurant a traditional name and plan your dishes around it. Make sure you recreate a restaurant feel with your décor--this can include wall hangings, mood lighting and table arrangements. For example, you can decorate your table with chopsticks, small soy bowls, folded origami-styled napkins, patterned table mats and centrepiece candles. Decorate your walls with genuine Japanese hand fans, cherry blossom wall décor and decorative paper lanterns. Consider your space. You can either choose to have your party in the dining room for a small guest list or your patio can be transformed into an instant Japanese restaurant for a bigger guest list. Your ideas could be simple or extravagant, depending on the type of night you are planning.

Design a Menu

Design a menu to make it look genuine, so your guests have a few different dishes to choose from. You can begin with a few rounds of sushi to kick start your night. Follow up your sushi starters with some tempura, sashimi, stir-fried and steamed dishes. Remember that some of your guests may be allergic or simply don't eat certain types of food, so try and have at least three or four different types of meat and vegetable selections available for all types of guests. Make sure you also include some special Japanese-inspired cocktails, like cherry martinis and melon margaritas into your menu--it's a party after all.

Infuse Japanese Traditions 

If you're throwing a Japanese-styled restaurant party, why not make it as authentic as possible? Get your guests to adorn traditional Japanese kimonos or vibrant ninja costumes for a truly authentic oriental experience. You can even rope in a few friends to choreograph a traditional Japanese dance for entertainment. Soft Japanese music will set the mood for your guests throughout the night. 

The ability to get creative with your Japanese-styled restaurant party is boundless. Couple these ideas with your own to create an awe-inspiring Japanese evening with your friends.