Venue Ideas To Make Your Next Corporate Function A Fun Event

Put the 'fun' into 'function' for your next corporate event. Corporate functions are a great way for your employees to socialise and get to know each other in a relaxed environment out of the office. By encouraging your employees to get to know each other in fun environments, you can promote teamwork and positivity in your workplace. Choosing the right venue for your next corporate function will ensure the success of the event and happiness of your employees.


Enjoy a meal with your employees and relax. Some restaurants, like Currambine Bar & Bistro, may cater specifically for workplace functions and have a private function room where you and your employees can socialise without the distractions of other restaurant attendees. This can be important if you have quiet or shy employees; they may feel more relaxed in a more private setting. Restaurants will also cater to the needs of your employees. So if you have a vegan or Muslim amongst your employees, they can be assured they will be able to eat according to their dietary preferences if you let the restaurant know when you make the booking. Bookings for function rooms are required, so call ahead well in advance to make a booking for your next work function.

Sports Bar

If a relaxed venue where you can watch a sports game on television over a few drinks sounds like the place your employees would enjoy, look no further than a sports bar. Less formal than a restaurant, a sports bar offers a comfortable environment for your employees to socialise and build rapports. Sports bars may also provide a great atmosphere for after-work drinks or other impromptu work socialisation events. Some sports bars may enable you to book the room exclusively, but other bars may keep the area open to other bar patrons, so call around if you wish to book a sports bar exclusively for your function.

Entertainment Centres

If you have an active team of employees, they may enjoy your next function at an entertainment centre. Entertainment centres may include tenpin bowling, laser tag, paintball or other team games. These activities are excellent for promoting teamwork amongst your employees and will create a fun work event with lots of laughter. Take a look at what is available in your local area, as there may be other entertainment centres which haven't been mentioned. Again, it is important to book in advance to ensure to can have your work function on your desired date.

It may be handy to have your employees suggest venues and to let them vote for their favourite venue. Making your next corporate function an enjoyable time for your employees will positively enhance your workplace, so take the time to ensure the event will be enjoyed by all of your employees.