3 Beneficial Steps To Do When Having An Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor weddings are great because they give you the chance to marry your significant other in a refreshing environment. In order to enhance your outdoor wedding, these steps can be done.

Protect the Gourmet Cake

One of the best parts of the wedding is eating your personalised gourmet cake. Since the cake is going to be outside, it's important to protect it. You can do this when you put a round hoop bed canopy around the cake. This canopy will create a barrier around the cake, so things like bugs will not be able to get into it.

Also, since it might be hot while your outdoor wedding is going on, it's important to keep the gourmet cake cool. You can do this when you put the cake on dry ice. As soon as everyone has their share of cake, immediately take it indoors if you can to prevent the cake from spoiling.

Utilise Outdoor Tiki Torches with Citronella Oil

Outside weddings are great but sometimes uninvited guests, bugs, can make their way to the wedding. This will then cause your guests to be uncomfortable. You can circumvent this problem, however, by setting up Tiki torches with citronella oil. This oil, when lit, will act as a natural bug repellent. As a result, bugs like mosquitoes and flies will not be a nuisance at your wedding.

You may be having your wedding at night. You can enhance the romantic vibe thanks to these Tiki torches because they have an elegant lighting effect. Featuring a thick wick, these torches will burn for a long time without having to be lit again. And, they are usually made out of a beautiful bamboo material, which is great if you are thinking about having a tropical wedding outside.

Set Up Aluminum Pop-Up Shade Canopies

A lot of times it's going to be hot during your outdoor wedding, with the sun shining in everyone's face. In order to give you and your guests a break from the sun, you can set up aluminium pop-up shade canopies. These canopies will provide ample shade for your wedding, so you and your guests can cool off from time to time.

Featuring an aluminium frame, these canopies are extremely durable. They also have a pop-up design, which lets you set these canopies up within seconds. The polyester top is weatherproof and comes in many different colours, helping you match the canopies with the motif of your wedding.

So if you are having an outdoor wedding, these steps are important to do. They will help your wedding go as smoothly as possible.