3 Orange or Red Sweet Tasting Foods That Children Naturally Love

Any parent of small children can tell you that it can be a constant challenge convincing their offspring to consume healthy foods and beverages. Children are hard-wired to prefer sweet stuff that's high in fat and calories. They have a natural reluctance to eat sour or bitter foods. This aversion protected them from eating certain poisonous fruits and berries as they accompanied their mothers on foraging expeditions. Humans may not live in caves anymore, but the kids still dislike the taste of anything sour or bitter. [Read More]

Healthy Takeaway Pizza Options

Pizza is a popular takeaway option but how healthy is it? Typically dripping with cheese, with thick crusts, and loaded with a variety of meats, numbers aren't really needed to imagine that one or two slices of pizza will be loaded with kilojoules. Swap This for That Popular menu options frequently contain not only high kilojoules, but excess sodium, and saturated fats. Pizzas with deep dish, puff, or cheese filled bases, combined with a selection of processed meats--including pepperoni, bacon, and salami, and topped with olives and anchovies--are those with the highest kilojoule, sodium, and saturated fat contents. [Read More]