What to Consider When Catering for Kids at Your Wedding

When it comes to wedding catering, figuring out what adults eat is hard enough. The decisions can become even more complicated when you've got children attending. If you want to make sure your wedding meals are perfect with as little stress as possible, these are the two most important questions to ask yourself about kids catering.

Do You Need a Separate Menu?

When catering for children at your wedding, the easiest option is to use the same menu for both kids and adults. It doesn't require any extra thought--all you need to do if downscale the meals. However, this can be an issue at weddings with fine dining menus. Often, upscale food can be too rich for children, who are more sensitive to strong flavours. If your menu includes foods like lobster or steak, dishes with fragrant seasoning, or high levels of fat (like butter and cream), you may be better offer choosing a separate menu for kids. If you want the children's menu to fit seamlessly with the rest of the cuisine, stick to the same theme. For example, fish fingers are a great kids meal option at a seafood wedding, while mac and cheese is a yummy alternative to a gourmet Italian pasta dish. If you'd prefer to spend less time thinking about the child menu and more time on the rest of your wedding preparations, ask your caterer for suggestions or stick to a typical kids menu (chicken nuggets, fries, and cake).

Should You Give Guests a Meal Choice?

Another important think you need to know is who will be eating from the kids menu. Everyone has a different idea of who qualifies as a child, and  some children transition to adult meals earlier than others. Depending on your circumstances, you have a few options to address the issue of meal size. You can contact your guests with children which menu their child would prefer. This solution makes guests happy, but it can lead to displeasure for you if you spend the extra money on adult meals and the children don't eat them. Alternatively, you can choose a cut-off age for children's meals yourself. Anywhere from 8 to 12 years of age is a good range to start from. This can feel restrictive to guests, however, so you may want to go for a compromise by asking those with children within a few years of your cut-off date whether they'd like to switch menus.