3 Clever Tactics to Make Your Perfect Wedding Cake

Wedding preparation can be incredibly demanding on your schedule, whether you're planning your dress, cake, guest list, theme or décor. You'll naturally want to ensure that everything is just as you want for your wedding day. This guide aims to help you with some clever tactics when visiting a cake shop to make your wedding cake perfect for your special day.

Choose the Number of Tiers

Your first choice is to establish the number of tiers you desire based on your specific needs. Some prefer single-level cakes, while others want multiple layers because they want it to appear as a focal centre point at their reception. Keep in mind that the more layers and decorative elements you choose, the more you can expect to shell out for your cake. Be sure to talk to discuss your budget with the cake shop, so you can choose something that resonates best with your current guest list.  

Establish Your Cake Design Elements

Once you finalise the number of tiers for your cake, you will need to choose between different designs, colours, styles and decorative elements for the traditional cake-icing base. You will also need to plan elements like fondant flowers and cake toppers. A popular bridal trend is to create harmonising components between the cake and the wedding theme.

For instance, if you have a beach-themed wedding, then adding elements like corals, sea creatures and anchors are ideal decorative choices. If you're more of a traditionalist, then a cake filled with flowers in your wedding colours will look attractive. Since your wedding cake allows you the opportunity to express your personality, think about specific elements that reflect your desires when you visit the cake shop. You should ideally give yourself enough time to plan the design, so that you can make changes if necessary when more ideas come your way.

Enjoy the Cake Flavour, Too

Many couples tend to ignore this aspect in favour of appearance and design, but it is equally important for you to enjoy the flavour of your wedding cake. The most ideal thing to do is to ask for a tasting at the cake shop, so that you can finalise the flavours you like. If you want a cake with a number of different flavours and icing choices, then make sure you taste all of them, so that you're truly happy with what you've chosen.

Follow these tactics in your quest to finalise your wedding cake at the cake shop.