Trendy Birthday Ideas | 4 Tips To Throw A Fashionable Sushi Party

Planning on throwing a dinner party for your upcoming birthday and run out of innovative ideas? Consider throwing a sushi party for your guests. A sushi party is a great way to introduce your guests to this famous Japanese delicacy with a spectacular combination of creative fresh sushi ideas and oriental décor. Here are some tips to throw a fashionable sushi party for your next birthday.

Recreate Japanese Décor  

With a few items, you can create a fabulous Japanese theme in your home. Use bamboo mats instead of coasters to infuse an oriental element. Purchase paper lanterns, umbrellas and hand fans to recreate a Japanese-like theme in your home.  Japanese-themed items can be purchased easily at most Asian stores.

Create Signature Sips

A Japanese-inspired alcohol bar is sure to liven up your sushi party. No Japanese-styled party is complete without sake. Prepared from fermented rice, sake is a traditional Japanese alcoholic drink. You can also get creative by infusing Asian flavours into cocktails-–serve Japanese pear martinis, cherry blossom margaritas and mint sake. Make sure you also keep alternatives for your guests, who may want to sip on something more traditional, like wines and beers.

Engross Guests

While most parties are about music, dancing, food and drinks, why not create another dimension for your guests to enjoy? Engage them in rolling sushi activities–-it's a great way to start conversations and is much more entertaining than a noisy bar or restaurant. Have all sushi ingredients like sushi rice, seaweed, shrimp, fish, cucumber and avocado prepped before your guests arrive to get your party rolling. Many sushi catering companies will be happy to provide you with live chefs to demonstrate the art of fresh sushi-making to your guests (for a fee, of course), like from Pink Rice

Plan Food

Ensure that you cater adequately for your guests. You should probably factor in approximately seven to ten sushi pieces per guest on an average, but it's always worth planning for a bit more. Serving a few sushi varieties is enough to have a cracking sushi party. If you want more substantial party food, include dumplings and spring rolls in your menu for a hearty oriental meal experience. Make sure you also accommodate for pickled ginger, wasabi and soy sauce to accompany the sushi.

You can choose to do everything on your own, but if you don't have the time then you can hire a sushi catering company to create all the fresh sushi options you desire.